As Trump Tries To Avoid Jail, Biden Extends Middle East Ceasefire – youngvid

Trump spent the Thanksgiving holiday ranting about the criminal and civil cases that he is facing, while President Biden got an extension on the Middle East ceasefire.

The White House’s John Kirby formally announced the extension of the ceasefire:

This humanitarian pause has already brought a halt to the fighting together with the surge of humanitarian assistance. Now, in order to extend the pause, Hamas has committed to releasing another 20 women and children over the next two days. We would have, of course hope to see the pause extended further, and that will depend upon Hamas continuing to release hostages.

The president has been deeply engaged on this process throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. He spoke with Qatar and yesterday, we spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu to work an extension of the pause. He was briefed this morning by Jake Sullivan on the ongoing talks to extend the pause. He and his entire national security team will obviously stay engaged on this other the coming days as we work to implement this extension of the original agreement as well as efforts to extend the pause even from there.


Meanwhile, Trump has spent his holiday promising to take healthcare away from 40 million Americans, attacking the civil and criminal cases against him, and arguing that he is not in cognitive decline.

President Biden is working to advance a fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, while Trump is trying to avoid a criminal conviction.

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