James Comer Humiliates Himself By Trying To Impeach Joe Biden For Paying Off His Son’s Truck – youngvid

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) is now trying to impeach President Biden for paying off his son’s truck.

James Comer said:

President Joe Biden claimed there was an absolute wall between his official government duties and his family’s influence peddling schemes. This was a lie. President Joe Biden claimed his family didn’t receive money from China. This was a lie. President Joe Biden claimed he never spoke to his son, Hunter Biden, about the Biden’s family’s shady business dealings.

This was a lie. Now, Hunter Biden’s legal team and the White House’s media allies claim Hunter’s corporate entities never made payments directly to Joe Biden. We can officially add this latest talking point to the list of lies. Today, the House Oversight Committee is releasing Subpoenaed bank records that show Hunter Biden’s business entity, AWOSCO PC, made direct monthly payments to Joe Biden.

Video of Comer:

The receipts showing the truck repayments from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden:

It is fair to ask if James Comer thinks that we are all a bunch of idiots because he is treating the American people like they are stupid.

Paying off your son’s truck for him, and then having your son pay you back is not an impeachable offense.

The tell on Chair Comer’s part is that he never says in the video precisely what the payments were or what they were for, but the details that the House Oversight Committee Chair provided made them easy to track down.

House Republicans are trying to impeach President Biden for paying off his son’s truck.

The Biden impeachment investigation has been an exercise in failure and humiliation, but this could be James Comer’s new low.

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