Senate Democrats To Discuss Putting Conditions On Future Aid To Israel – youngvid

Senate Democrats say that they will discuss putting conditions on future US aid to Israel that will involve limiting civilian casualties.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is one of many in the Democratic caucus who are pushing for the conditions:

The Biden administration has been trying to get Israel to be mindful of the lives of the innocent Palestinian people who are not aligned with Hamas. The crisis in Gaza has gotten the attention of Democrats in Congress and the White House, who are growing increasingly reluctant to give Israel a blank check if they are not going to do more to keep Palestinian civilians safe.

The idea that the Israel-Hamas conflict is a deeply divisive issue for Democrats has been overblown. Democrats almost universally agree that innocent Palestinians should have their safety prioritized. It would make sense if Senate Democrats put some conditions on future aid to Israel and President Biden supported it.

If Israel wants American aid in their fight against Hamas, a few humanitarian conditions are not too much to ask for in return.

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