Spineless House Republicans Support Biden Impeachment Because They Fear Trump – youngvid

Rep. Jared Moskowitz said that centrist House Republicans are supporting the Biden impeachment investigation because they are afraid of Trump.

Moskowitz said on CNN when asked about the centrist :

Well, listen, I think they’re making a grave mistake. I’ve talked to some of them. They’re afraid of Donald Trump. This is what Donald Trump has demanded of the Republican Party. He has 50% of the nation’s impeachments in American history. He’s got 100% of the indictments. All 100% of the indictments and Joe Biden has none of those. They’re trying to run up the score. Look, this is going to rally Democrats and Independence around the president to see them do impeachment with no evidence.

Chuck Grassley is leading the investigation and came out today and said there is no evidence based on everything they’ve seen. All of the tens of thousands of documents that have been turned over by the Biden administration. Something the Trump administration didn’t do in their investigation. The Republicans’ own witness in committee said of everything we know, there’s no evidence to impeach Joe Biden. Doesn’t rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.


Anyone who thinks that Republicans will come to their senses and reject this sham impeachment investigation must understand that Republicans have no spines and they are being ruled by Donald Trump with an iron fist.

A couple of House Republicans could decide to retire and sink a Biden impeachment vote next year. Until Kevin McCarthy’s seat is filled the Republican House majority will likely be down to two votes. No House Republican is going to commit career suicide by opposing the investigation, but some Republicans who have already decided to head for the exits could impose impeachment.

Everyone but Donald Trump and his MAGA followers can see that the impeachment claims are baseless, but fear rules the Republican Party, which is why an impeachment investigation will be authorized.

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