Trump Has Financially Destroyed The RNC – youngvid

A new FEC report shows that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is in dire shape, and Donald Trump is the main reason why.

Here is the state of the Republican National Committee:

The main reasons why the RNC is in such bad financial shape all relate to Trump. The former president is the de facto head of the RNC. Ronna McDaniel is his handpicked chairperson. The RNC has millions on Trump’s legal bills, and the lack of enthusiasm for another Trump presidential run has caused donations to dry up.

The primary duty of political party is to promote the party and organize to maximize support so that the party can win elections. A political party organization is not supposed to be slush fund for a failed former president.

Republicans have long complained that Trump’s non-stop small donor fundraising has tapped out the party’s donors and exhausted them.

Donald Trump parasitically attached himself to the RNC and he is financially draining them of any life or chance of winning the 2024 election.

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