Trump’s Lawyer Begs Supreme Court To Step In And Stop Criminal Prosecutions – youngvid

Trump lawyer Alina Habba said that the Supreme Court has to step in and stop the criminal prosecutions of Donald Trump.

Habba said on Fox Business, “And I believe someone had called on, on the Supreme Court to do this exact thing. We need the Supreme Court to step in and stop this. This has become complete mayhem. And if they don’t start looking at these decisions, and as the highest court in this country, as the arbiter of law, the ultimate arbiter of the Constitution, the people that are supposed to enforce our bedrock, if they don’t start doing it, which thank goodness they are, we, you know, have some law and order hopefully soon.”


Trump and his lawyers don’t want the Supreme Court to hear his argument about presidential immunity. Trump’s legal team knows that the immunity claim is a loser, but they are using it to tie the cases up in court because the goal for Trump is to run out the clock and hope that he wins the 2024 election.

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Habba can go on Fox and say that they want the Supreme Court involved, but they don’t. The worst thing that could happen to Donald Trump would be the Supreme Court ruling against him, which would negate all of his pending appeals in lower courts and allow for the criminal trials to stay on schedule during the 2024 election.

The idea that the Supreme Court would rule in Trump’s favor is more desperate fantasy than likely reality.

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